Reported Crop Circles for the State of Ohio -

Paint Creek Island, Bainbridge, Ross County (September 25, 2003)

A 280’ diameter geometric formation in soybeans. The same leaf base damage found in this formation as the Locust Grove formation. Discovered by the owner approximately the same time as the Locust Grove formation, but did not report it. It was reported by a pilot flying over the formation nearly a month later.


The formation, being on an island in a large creek, at least a ˝ mile from the nearest road, and surrounded on all sides by a wide band of trees, was not visible from any roadway. No tracks were found leading into the formation. Half the formation was under standing water when found.


The formation is in alignment with the ancient earthwork Seip Mound located less than two miles away. Several now-obliterated earthworks were located closer to the formation site.


The owner and another witness living nearby described a ‘low mechanical’ sound coming from the island the night before the formation was discovered. The pitch and intensity of the sound never changed over a several hour period of time.

E-M effects reported in the formation include a GPS unit that ‘glowed’ for about 5 seconds before the electronics were ‘fried’. Dutch researcher Bert Jannsen found exquisite underlying geometry in this formation.


Crop type: soybeans

Source: ICCRA investigation

Photos: Dan Music, Chris Steele, Jeffrey Wilson

Diagram: Bert Jannsen


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