Reported Crop Circles for the State of New Hampshire -

Surrey, Cheshire County (December 17, 2004)

Essentially a ‘randomly-downed’ circular-shaped flattened area, the formation was flattened in one direction only, and was about 25’-26’ in diameter. The plants affected were a mixture of grass, reeds, and Goldenrod. The circle appeared in a low, swampy area near a creek alongside a power line, with the closest power line pole to the circle having a transformer box on it. The circle appeared in the only open area for several miles, as the rest of the area is heavily forested. Geologically, Surrey, NH is known for its substantial quantities of quartz bearing veins of gold, silver, and copper.


The landowner, Ms. Kim Guarnaccia, aware of reports that animals sometimes avoid crop circles, took her two dogs into the circle with no ill effects. She also reports that the circle appeared very near to an old ‘stone circle’ whose origin is unknown.

Cheshire County has received 3 previous crop circle reports: 1965, 1973, & 1975.

Crop type: grass / weeds

Source: Mysteries Magazine, Kim Guarnaccia, ICCRA

Photo: Kim Guarnaccia


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