Reported Crop Circles for the State of Oregon -

Hubbard, Marion County (May 18, 1964)

Ten year old Michael Bizon told his father that a “bright shiny object” landed in their forty-acre wheat field, that he smelled a strong "gas fumes" smell, and that it made a “beep-beep” noise before it “took off like a rocket.”

The farmer, Mr. Bizon, after observing the ‘hole’ that the “bright shiny thing” left in his wheat field, decided to call the sheriff. Marion County Deputy Sheriff Shirlie Davidson came out to investigate and agreed that the place "where all the wheat was flattened down did indeed look suspicious."

Also, three 12” diameter ‘impressions’ each “about the size of a dinner plate” were also left in the ground underneath where the light had been reported to have been seen.

Deputy Sheriff Davidson told authorities at nearby Adair Air Base in Corvallis, OR about the discovery in the wheat. Lieutenant Frank Rezac interviewed everyone involved including 10 year old Michael. Rezac noted that there was no variance in the boy’s story after repeated questioning, and said: “Everyone’s story remains the same. The boy’s father and mother, the Marion County Sheriff, the carpenter working there…they all back the boy up.”

Eyewitness report only.

Crop type: wheat

Source: Flying Saucers Are Hostile, Brad Steiger and Joan Whitenour, 1967


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