Reported Crop Circles for the State of Utah -

Logan, Cache County (August 23, 1996)

This 240' long ‘dumbbell’-type formation was discovered by a farmer after his tractor broke down and he was walking through the field to get help. The large circle was 85' in diameter, the small circle was 40' in diameter. The formation was not visible from anywhere outside the field. BOL's reported being seen in formation later. W.C. Levengood reported node length expansions, expulsion cavities, altered soil structures (determined by X-Ray crystallography conducted by geologist Diane Conrad-Gleason) and reduced seed weights and seedling growth from formation plants. There were reports of a squadron of black, unmarked Apache helicopters over the field just a few days before the formation was discovered by the farmer.

Logan, UT Formation Logan, UT Formation

Crop type: wheat

Source: W.C. Levengood, Diane Conrad-Gleason


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