Reported Crop Circles for the State of Utah -

Spanish Fork, Utah County (June 27, 2004)

An approximately 200’ formation in barley, with the small circles ranging from 11’-31’ in diameter. The circles were slightly elliptical, and their swirled centers were off-center.

Reports of eyewitnesses seeing balls-of-light and aerial light phenomena around time of formation, and while in the formation. Some local workers reported their dog ‘cried for hours’ the night before the formation was discovered. E-M effects and electronic equipment failure reported. The flattened lay of the wheat was reported to be ‘completely even’ all the way across the whole of the formation.

Reports of later ‘additions’ to the formation which may have been hoaxed.

BLT, Inc, reportedly had soil and plant samples collected.

ice formation

Crop type: barley

Source: Linda Howe,; BLT, Inc.


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