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Steens Mountain / Mickey Basin / Alvord Desert, Harney County
(September 10, 1990)

A very large, perfectly formed, ancient Hindu mandala called the Sri Yantra was discovered inscribed into the dry lakebed by an Air National Guard pilot on a normal training run from a base near Boise, Idaho. This symbol was over a quarter of a mile in length, and consisted of over 13 miles of lines etched into the impacted mud 3”-10” deep. No human or tire tracks found anywhere near the site. A group of 5 artists from Iowa tried claiming responsibility for the symbol's appearance saying they carved the entire design with a garden cultivator during a nine-day period. No other pilots or anyone else reported seeing it in any stage of their supposed construction time. Analysis of the formation’s line indicated that the soil had been removed, whereas the artists’ garden cultivator / plow method produced small mounds of dirt on either side of their demonstration lines left from where they plowed.

Alvord Desert Formation Alvord Desert Formation

Alvord Desert Formation

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Alvord Desert Formation

Alvord Desert Formation

Alvord Desert Formation

Crop type: Dry Lakebed

Source: Jeffrey Wilson, The Spokesman-Review - Nov 16, 1990, The Bulletin - Sept. 4, 1990


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