W. C. Levengood's Research Reports

W.C. Levengood in the 1996 Paulding, OH crop circle formation.

Since 1954, biophysicist W.C. Levengood has authored or co-authored a significant number of scientific and technical papers (over 50) on a wide range of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, and other subjects that have appeared in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed, scientific journals including Science and Nature that have also recieved numerous citations in additional peer-reviewed, published studies. W.C. Levengood also holds several patents for inventions and applications related to these fields of study. This page is intended to be an archive for W.C.Levengood's Reports and published papers regarding his work on crop circles, as well as a resource for information about his additional scientific studies.

W.C. Levengood's Research Reports from Crop Circle Formations

These International Crop Circle Research Reports are arranged by country, and by year / publication date.

For W.C. Levnegood's USA Crop Circle Research Reports, his peer-reviewed Crop Circle Research Papers, or his additional Published Scientific Papers and Patents, follow the links listed to the right.

We would like to greatly thank W. C. Levengood for allowing and giving permission to the ICCRA to scan all of his following research reports, and for his asking us to make all these reports freely available to the general public online.

We would also like to send a huge thank you to ICCRA Members Chuck Leitzau, Gene Thomas, and Jeffrey Wilson for color-copying the reports, and to Gene Thomas for scanning in all these documents. Those on dial-up will be happy to know that Jeffrey Wilson has condensed the files sizes!

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W.C. Levengood's International Crop Circle Research Reports:


Canada - Province of Alberta

Canada - Province of British Columbia

Canada - Province of Saskatchewan





Original Crop Circle Research Letters to Pat Delgado


W.C. Levengood's USA Crop Circle Research Reports

W.C. Levengood's International Crop Circle Research Reports

W.C. Levengood's Published Crop Circle Research Papers

W.C. Levengood's Additional Published Scientific Papers and Patents



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